• The lawsuit said the hand sanitizer had "deadly levels of methanol"
  • The product was recalled last July due to the "potential presence of methanol"
  • The woman's family is now seeking $75,000 as compensation from 4e Brands

The family of a woman who allegedly died after consuming hand sanitizer is suing the company that made the product. The lawsuit said it was contaminated with toxic methanol.

The 32-year-old Illinois woman, Kayla Stagner, died after suffering acute methanol intoxication last May. According to the lawsuit filed Friday at U.S. District Court in St. Louis, the bottle of Blumen Advanced Instant Sanitizer, which was tested in connection with her autopsy, had "deadly levels of methanol," St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The lawsuit filed by Kayla's mother, Debra Stagner, noted that the product listed ethanol as the active ingredient but it actually contained methanol.

The hand sanitizer was recalled last July because of the "potential presence of methanol." In a press release, the company that made the hand sanitizer, 4e Brands, warned customers to not use it and said exposure to methanol could result in symptoms such as vomiting, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or even death.

The family is now seeking $75,000 as compensation from 4e Brands and the place where it was sold, Sam's Club retail outlet, for Kayla's wrongful death. The lawsuit said the company should have known that some people consume ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer as an alternative for liquor.

According to National Capital Poison Center (NPCP), this is because ethanol is typically used in alcoholic products. Although drinking hand sanitizer is considered dangerous, the presence of methanol can make it deadly.

"Remember, the products that are contaminated with methanol are much more dangerous than those made with approved hand sanitizer ingredients," the organization said. "Smaller quantities need to be ingested before they can cause serious, sometimes permanent health effects and even death. Methanol will not be listed as an ingredient."

If someone has been drinking alcohol or a product with methanol, they should be given help immediately.

"Don't wait until symptoms develop as they could become permanent!" the NCPC said.

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