A 27-year-old woman fell into an icy pond in Jackson Park, Chicago, while trying to save her dog Sunday. She was stuck there for over 15 minutes before Chicago Fire Department pulled her out.

The lagoon was located behind the Museum of Science and Industry. The unidentified woman fell into it at around 5:00 p.m. EST. Firefighters arrived to find her clinging onto the ice. The dog, however, made it to the shore before the woman was rescued.

“The CFD companies used their ladder and the Lifering to get the victim out of the water. The victims dog self extricated and is in care of CPD 323,” the fire officials said in a statement.

"It took several throws but finally firefighter De La Paz was able to spin it right to her," Anthony Ferenzi, Chicago Fire Battalion 5 Chief, told ABC 7. "She grabbed it. We dragged her into the ladder and pulled the ladder in."

"It took about 20 of them to do a real extensive line," Elida Benavides, a witness, said. She said she was biking by the area when she heard the woman’s cry for help. "She was just screaming, 'Help me, help me, help me! I'm stuck! I'm stuck!' She was stuck in the ice itself," Benavides added.

The woman was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center after the rescue. Both the woman and her dog are expected to recover.

In December, a woman was rescued from a frozen pond where she fell after attempting to save her son. The incident happened in Deer Park, Switzerland, after the young boy rushed to their family dog’s rescue and got stuck in the frigid water. The woman pulled the boy out to safety but got trapped in the ice herself. A rescue swimmer swam 50 feet offshore to her and saved her.

frozen Lake Michigan in Chicago
The Chicago skyline is seen above a partially frozen Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois, Jan. 5, 2015. Reuters/Jim Young