• The dog attack lasted for several minutes
  • The attack left the 7-year-old girl with an exposed fracture
  • The dog’s owner refused to admit that the canine belonged to him

A woman was caught on camera fighting off a pit bull as the canine attacked her seven-year-old daughter on a street in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Video of the incident shows the mother-daughter duo standing on a street when the canine begins sniffing the girl before attacking her. As the girl’s mother attempts to free the child’s leg from the canine’s jaws, the pit bull becomes more aggressive and drags the girl across the pavement.

A witness then attempts to save the child by kicking the dog several times. Another man too rushes to the scene and tries to pull the canine away by its collar but to no avail. Several people try to intervene but the canine doesn’t let go of the leg for the next few minutes.

The attack left the girl with an exposed fracture.

"She is sedated and on medication. The doctors said she has a hip tear and that it is a long process to heal. My niece was shocked like my sister-in-law, both need a psychologist to attend to them. The baby does not want to eat, she is angry, she cries," the girl’s aunt said, Newsflare reported.

Meanwhile, the dog’s owner refused to admit that the canine belonged to him.

"He [the owner] came yesterday and said that that was not his dog. But later we found out that he had abandoned the dog in the field because the dog had bitten my niece and he also wanted to sell the dog. We need him to come and face this and do justice," the girl’s aunt added.

It was not known if a police complaint has been filed and if the owner faces charges.

The incident comes a month after a wheelchair-bound elderly woman was killed by her rescue dog at her home in Margate, Florida, on Friday night. The woman, identified as 84-year-old Carolyn Varaneseas pronounced dead at the scene while her 57-year-old son, Joseph Varanese, who was also attacked by the canine, was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries. Police said the mother-son duo was bitten multiple times by canine.

pit bull
A pit bull in the menacing dogs area of the Henderson Animal Shelter in Auckland, New Zealand, July 27, 2016. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images