An Alabama woman and her son were charged with murder after they had allegedly killed a man as a dispute over lost dog escalated, a witness said.

The woman, Shana Yvette Muldrow (56), accompanied by her son Shakeem Mufasa Butler (24) had supposedly beaten Joseph Minniefield (58) to death on Sept. 20, The Washington Post reported.

A judge in Selma had set bond at $1 million each on Sept. 25, Thursday which they will have to pay in order to come out of the jail.

The brutal beating constitutes nothing short of mental disorder. According to the court documents, a witness recalled seeing Butler hitting Minniefield in the face continuously. The witness told police that Minniefield lost Muldrow’s dog which infuriated them.

A police statement revealed that the woman rushed Minniefield to a hospital but refused to know him to the officers.

When ABC News e-mailed an attorney for Muldrow and Minniefield for comments, he was unavailable.

WPEC CBS12 News reported a similar incident on Feb. 6, 2019 in which a man was shot to death following a dispute over a loose dog in West Palm Beach, Florida. Police said that the victim didn’t have a weapon and the shooter claimed self-defense. The shooting took place on Feb. 5 in the morning at the Presidential Golfview condo complex close to Presidential Way and Congress.

A witness revealed that a brawl between two men over a loose pit bull flared leading to the death of Slobodan Jakovljevic (68) of West Palm Beach. The unnamed shooter claimed self-defense during the police interrogation. The police revealed that he was cooperating with them and they didn’t take him in custody.

In another incident, an Artesia man was accused of shooting a man in the head following a spat over a stolen dog. The man was charged with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon subsequently, RDR Online reported. The incident took place at 9:15 p.m. on Sept. 19 and the accused man was identified as Ruben Lopez (25). The victim, Ronald McClean (34), was rushed to Artesia General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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