• The accused too suffered serious injuries in the attack 
  • The victim's marriage was fixed for April 30 
  • Devendra Kumar's family was unaware of his relationship with Sonam Pandey 

A woman in India killed her boyfriend by throwing acid on him after she learned about his plans to marry another person. 

The incident happened in the state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, the Times of India reported. The police said the accused, 25-year-old Sonam Pandey, had been in a relationship with the victim, Devendra Kumar, for several years despite being married to someone else.

She recently came to know Kumar was engaged to another girl, and they were getting married on April 28.

"Sonam Pandey was angry with Devendra Kumar since his marriage had been fixed with some other girl,” a police officer said.

However, his relatives claimed they were unaware of Kumar's relationship with Pandey. 

"He was the only son among six siblings. His parents were not aware of his relationship with this woman,” said Badan Singh, brother-in-law of the victim, the Times of India reported. 

Pandey and Kumar used to work together at a private hospital till a few years ago. Pandey was a nurse while Kumar worked as a lab assistant. "Later they moved to different hospitals, but their relationship remained unaffected,” said Amit Prasad, a police official.

Sonam, who has an 8-year-old daughter, had separated from her husband recently and had been living alone. After hearing about Kumar's marriage plans, she invited him home on the pretext of repairing a fan, police official Rohan Botre said, the Indian Express reported.

However, they both soon entered into a heated argument over the marriage and an enraged Pandey threw acid at Kumar. He was rushed to a hospital with 80% burns, but soon succumbed to injuries. Pandey, who also suffered burns in the attack, has been admitted to a hospital.

The woman has been charged with murder and voluntarily causing grievous hurt by the use of acid. "She has been placed under arrest. Further investigation is on," the official said. 

Recently, Bangladesh had witnessed an acid attack crime where a man threw acid on a 6-month-old baby causing severe burns to her ear and genitals. The man allegedly threw acid on the baby when she was alone in the front yard of the house. The father of the child blamed his neighbor for the attack. The accused fled the scene after the crime. 

crime scene Representative image Photo: Wikimedia Commons