A 30-year-old Illinois woman was arrested for stabbing her 43-year-old boyfriend’s genitals during a break up argument, reports said late Wednesday. According to police, the woman repeatedly grabbed the man’s genitals and stabbed him in the scrotum with a knife during a fight.

Decatur Police Officer Tim Wittmer said in a statement that the man’s wound was “a five to six inch in length, half-an-inch deep laceration to the right side of his scrotum.” The incident took place June 24 in Decatur, about 80 miles south of Peoria.

The 43-year-old boyfriend was originally interviewed at Decatur Memorial Hospital. He police he had tried to break up with his girlfriend but she refused. The woman grabbed the man in a “bear hug,” from which he broke free. She then grabbed her boyfriend’s genitals and began to “pull and tug at these body parts to the point that it was painful,” Wittmer added. “He then felt a very sharp pain in his scrotum area,” and "observed a large laceration on his scrotum area.”

The woman was arrested Sunday on a preliminary charge of aggravated domestic battery, the Herald & Review reported, adding that she remained in jail Wednesday night in lieu of $50,000 bail. Her identity was not released. If she posts bail, she is ordered to stay away from her now-ex-boyfriend.

In another incident in May, a Pennsylvania woman was arrested after she punched her boyfriend in the groin following an argument. The physical altercation between the two turned severe and the woman started hitting him multiple times, which is when she also attacked him leaving his scrotum ripped open and his testicle exposed.

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This is a representational image of a woman who was arrested on the charges of extortion and murder in Guatemala City, Guatemala, May 2, 2016. Getty Images/Johan Ordonez