• The woman hired a taxi driver to deliver poison-laced food to her ex-boyfriend
  • The suspect was charged with premeditated murder
  • The police are looking for another person involved in the murder 

An Indonesian woman, who plotted to murder her ex-boyfriend by sending him poison-laced food, ended up accidentally harming a 10-year-old boy.

The child died after consuming the food, and the woman was charged with premeditated murder. The accused could face the death penalty if convicted.

The incident took place on April 25 in the northern Indonesian city of Yogyakarta when the 25-year-old accused, identified only as NA, bribed a local taxi driver, named Bandiman, with 30,000 Indonesian rupiahs ($2.12) to deliver a food packet consisting of chicken satay and peanut sauce to her former lover’s home, The Jakarta Post reported.

The accused, who was upset over her ex-boyfriend marrying another woman, spiked the peanut sauce with cyanide to kill him, media outlet Tribune News reported [Google Translation showed]. The woman, who provided the taxi driver with her boyfriend’s address, instructed him to tell him the food was sent by a person named Hamid.

When Bandiman arrived at the targeted person’s residence, his wife turned the delivery away saying they didn’t know anyone named Hamid. Bandiman then brought the food home and shared it with his wife and 10-year-old boy. His wife and child ate the peanut sauce, but Bandiman ate the satay without the peanut sauce.

Minutes after consuming the tainted food, Bandiman’s wife started vomiting and his son collapsed, foaming at the mouth. Both the victims were rushed to the hospital, and the doctors pronounced the child dead upon arrival.

"The suspect had planned the crime for three months. She bought the poison for Rp 225,000 [US$15] from an e-commerce platform," Burkan Rudy, the head of Yogyakarta Police general crimes investigation division, said, The Jakarta Post reported.

Investigators examined the surveillance footage from nearby cameras and tracked the suspect down on April 30 and arrested her. NA allegedly claimed she had an unregistered marriage with her ex-boyfriend. The police are also looking for another suspect who reportedly convinced the woman to poison her ex-boyfriend.

handcuff1 Representational image Photo: Pixabay