Diana Prince seems to be getting a new suit in “Wonder Woman 1984.” Director Patty Jenkins shared a new poster on Wednesday that shows off a different kind of Wonder Woman costume.

Jenkins was tweeting because she wanted to let fans know that “Wonder Woman 1984” will not have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Since the release date was moved to next June, it makes more sense to start the publicity tour in December.

“By now you’ve heard: WB isn’t going to Hall H this year. We’re so sad to miss you there! And waiting until Dec. to start our official #WW84 campaign in full--  But the truth is… we can just… barely… wait…” she wrote.

She shared the new multicolor poster with her note.

It looks like this is a take on Wonder Woman’s gold battle armor from the comics. It’s a modern addition to the comics, appearing in arcs like the “Devastation Saga” from the late 90s and “Challenge of the Gods” from the early 2000s.

Of course, the Warner Bros. film is delivering a new take on her battle armor, which might be for the best. At one point in the comics, Diana had full gold battle armor that included wings and a helmet shaped like an eagle head. This is slightly more subtle.

The gold suit is a big change from her red and blue suit, which will likely still appear in “Wonder Woman 1984.” The original suit appears in present day movies like “Justice League” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” so she definitely didn’t get rid of the original.

However, this costume makes it seem like Diana is preparing for something that could harm her. Her arms are covered, and her whole torso is armored. She doesn’t have a skirt, but leggings cover her thighs wherever there are gaps in her leg armor. Her iconic gauntlets remain intact (though her iconic headband does not appear).

All this armor raises the question: how tough is her latest villain? Diana is clearly prepared to fight someone who is strong enough to hurt her.

Not much is known about the plot of the sequel, but there has been some news on the cast. Kristen Wiig will play Cheetah in “Wonder Woman 1984” while Pedro Pascal plays an unidentified character. Chris Pine is also set to return as Steve Trevor.

Jenkins noted in a later tweet that it’s officially one year until “WW84” hits theaters. “Wonder Woman 1984” will release June 5, 2020.