Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Diana Prince in the “Wonder Woman” standalone film directed by Patty Jenkins. In this photo, the actress arrives at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California on Jan. 8, 2017. Reuters/Mike Blake

Many know Artemis as the Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals. But in the DC Comics, she is an Amazon heroine from Bana-Mighdall who is both an ally and rival of Diana Prince (Gal Gadot).

In the comic books, she even assumed the role of Wonder Woman temporarily, thanks to the intervention of Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta. In the film, she is one of the warriors who teaches Diana how to fight.

Artemis will also appear in the “Wonder Woman” film directed by Patty Jenkins, and the director has finally revealed on her Twitter who will give life to this character. She confirmed that boxer Ann Wolfe will play Artemis in the upcoming movie.

Aside from Gadot and Wolfe, Chris Pine will be joining the film as leading man Steve Trevor. Robin Wright will be Diana’s aunt Antiope, Lisa Loven Kongsli as another aunt Menalippe and Connie Nielsen will play her mother, Hippolyta. Lucy Davis will play Wonder Woman’s best friend, Etta Candy.

Meanwhile, Batman News reported that “Harry Potter” alum David Thewlis will be playing the film’s villain, Ares.

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Thewlis is known for his portrayal of Professor Remus Lupin in the “Harry Potter” films, but he will barely be recognizable in “Wonder Woman” because Ares will be made using a mix of CGI and practical effects.

According to Slash Film, “Wonder Woman” even developed a new origin story for the Amazons.

According to the new backstory, Zeus created mankind to be companions to the gods. But Zeus’ son Ares was displeased with this, and he got jealous of his father’s relationship with mankind. He then manipulated the minds of people and corrupted them, turning them against each other. He made them fight each other in a series of wars, while Ares destroyed other gods in order to keep them from helping mankind.

The Amazons were then created to stop Ares, but he was able to convince mankind to enslave the Amazons. Zeus and Ares get into a huge fight over this, and with his dying breath, Zeus created Themyscira so the Amazons would have a safe place to stay.

“Wonder Woman” will be released on June 2, 2017.