Actor Woody Harrelson arrives on the red carpet for the film ''Rampart'' during the 36th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in Toronto

In the nation of free expression we live in, all views are allowed to enter the mainstream via various mediums, however kooky some believe those views to be. Such was the case with the "Innocence of Muslims," and the same will hold true for an upcoming "truther" film about September 11 starring Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson, predicated on the belief that the government hasn’t been completely truthful and thorough in their investigation of that fateful day, and such uncertainty and skepticism warrants further, independent questioning.

"September Morn" will attempt to do just that, according to Yahoo News. In addition to Sheen—whose controversial son Charlie turned him onto the ‘truther’ movement—and Harrelson, the film will also star Ed Asner, Judd Nelson, and Esai Morales.

In its publicity note, "September Morn" demands that the government “revisit and initiates [sic] a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911.”

Sheen has publically described his incredulity regarding the 9/11 investigation, stating in a 2007 interview with We Change LA that “ there have been so many revelations that now I have my doubts, and chief among them is Building 7 – how did they rig that building so that it came down on the evening of the day?”

Likewise, Asner is equally bothered by the facts and logic surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

“"This country – which is the greatest, strongest country that ever existed in the world, in terms of power – supposedly had a defense that could not be penetrated all these years. But all of that was eradicated by 19 Saudi Arabians, supposedly. Some of whom didn't even know how to fly,” he told the Adam Carolla radio show in 2010.

While the cast is relatively star-studded, the production and directorial teams are lesser known entities. Stepping behind the camera for "September Morn" will be BJ Davis, a former Hollywood stuntman who last directed a poorly-received movie with Burt Reynolds titled "Forget About It."

"September Morn" will be written by Howard Cohen, who has no prior film credits, according to IMDB. The movie will be produced by Fleur de Lis Film Studios, which previously made the documentary "A Noble Lie" about the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.