Woody Harrelson SNL
Woody Harrelson of "True Detective" and "The Hunger Games" hosted the Nov. 15 episode of "Saturday Night Live." NBC/ SNL

Woody Harrelson and “Matthew McConaughey” were back together -- kind of. Harrelson hosted the Nov. 15 episode of “Saturday Night Live” and was joined by Taran Killam, who gave a pretty hilarious impression of Harrelson’s “True Detective” Season 1 co-star, Matthew McConaughey, during the “Weekend Update” sketch. The pair teamed up to discuss the upcoming second season of the HBO drama, which recently began production.

In the “Weekend Update” clip, anchor Colin Jost acknowledged he and other “True Detective” fans will miss Harrelson and McConaughey in Season 2. Harrelson thanked him for his kind words, but told him that they always knew it would be a “one and done situation.”

“Yes sir, yes sir,” Killam’s McConaughey chimed in. “Can’t go on and on ‘til the break of dawn.” Making some “fang” gestures and sucking noises, Killam added he and Harrelson are “creatures of the night … vampires, blood suckers.”

“When the cock crows, poof,” he continued after making a rooster noise. “Dust in the wind.”

The laughs continued when Harrelson revealed McConaughey “insisted” on running his lines in the nude -- as well as eating his lunch and acting in the nude.

“They had to CGI clothes on him,” Harrelson confessed.

As for advice the pair have for Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell, the stars of “True Detective” Season 2?

“Those guys are great actors,” Woody Harrelson told the “SNL” audience. “They’ll be fine, but rule No. 1: Trust your co-star.”

“Amen, brother,” Killam’s McConaughey echoed.

“This man took me on a journey,” Harrelson added. “Two roads diverged and me and Matthew didn’t take either one of them.”

Watch the hilarious full “Weekend Update” sketch with Woody Harrelson and "Matthew McConaughey" below:

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