When 2022 rolls around, it will be time to make plans for the new year. For many people that means setting fitness, diet and other health goals.

For those who aren’t sure where to start, Netflix offers more than star-studded movies and binge-worthy shows. If you plan on making 2022 your year of fitness, the streaming service has plenty of content that will inspire and motivate you to visit the gym all year long.

“The Game Changers” - In the 2018 documentary, visionary scientists set out on a mission to change the way people live and eat. Observing elite athletes, trained soldiers, and more, researchers embark on a quest to find the ideal diet for health and performance.

“Ronnie Coleman: The King” - The 2018 documentary follows the story of the legendary bodybuilder and how far he had to push himself to earn the coveted title.

“Generation Iron 3” - The Mr. Olympia contest is the ultimate bodybuilding competition. Follow the 2018 documentary that tells the story of eager contestants hoping to be recognized for their physical perfection.

“What The Health” - Sometimes sticking to that new diet seems like an impossible task despite its importance to your health. The 2017 film investigates the link between diseases, diets and how it connects to the billion-dollar industries of food, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

“Calum Von Moger: Unbroken” - von Moger was at the top of his game after winning the title of Mr. Universe twice, but his luck soon changed. The 2019 documentary follows the bodybuilder’s recovery following a debilitating injury.

“Eddie: Strongman” - Eddie Hall wants to be the strongest man in the world, but achieving that title comes with a lot of sacrifices. The 2015 documentary follows the bodybuilder on his quest and the extreme lifestyle choices he’s willing to take to achieve his goal.

“Rising Phoenix” - The 2020 Netflix documentary follows the journey of nine Paralympic athletes competing in the games as it makes a lasting impact on global understanding of disability, competitive excellence, and more.

“Limitless” - The 2017 documentary tells the story of eight women from India who struggle with self-confidence. However, when they form a running habit, their self-image begins to change, and the weight of society’s expectations becomes bearable.

“Through My Father’s Eyes: The Ronda Rousey Story” - Despite impressive accolades, including the UFC Hall of Fame and an Olympic medal, Rousey didn’t have the picture-perfect life. The 2019 documentary shows a different side of the mixed martial arts fighter and how she achieved her success.

“Transformer” - After achieving recognition as a champion powerlifter, a former marine faces a new set of obstacles when he transitions from male to female in the 2017 documentary.

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Netflix has several documentaries that will help get you motivated to get healthy in 2017. Pictured: Tennis professional Maria Sharapova practices yoga in Torrance, California. Getty Images