Rihanna shares her beauty secrets. Pictured: performs onstage during the 2016 MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Lionel Richie at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Feb. 13, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Rihanna opens up more about herself in her Elle's October 2017 cover. The magazine invited some of the "Work" singer's celebrity friends to ask the global megastar the questions that they have been wanting to ask her.

David Copperfield asked the "Diamond" star where she wants to go if she could time-travel. "Ten minutes before I lost my virginity…and I'm holding you to that offer. LOL," Rihanna responded.

Rihanna did not elaborate her first sexual experience, but the singer has talked about her first kiss years ago. "My first kiss was in high school, and it was the worst thing ever," she told Rolling Stone in 2011. "He pretty much dumped his entire saliva glands into my mouth. It traumatized me. I didn't kiss for, like, ever."

Rihanna has been very open about her preferences in the bed. In the same interview, she admitted that she likes to be spanked and whips and chains sometimes appeal to her.

When asked if she is willing to have sex for fun, the "Ocean's Eight" star did not close her doors. "If I wanted to I would completely do that," Rihanna told Vanity Fair. "I am going to do what makes me feel happy, what I feel like doing. But that would be empty for me; that to me is a hollow move. I would wake up the next day feeling like [explicit]."

Meanwhile, Laverne Cox asked Rihanna about her iconic fashion moment, how she dressed perfectly, elegantly yet daring. "Dear Laverne, I took advantage of my titties before they go south. I saw my window, and I took it," Rihanna told Elle.

As for her beauty secret, Rihanna said that lipstick is her "lil secret weapon," while adding that this has always gotten her in trouble. The singer and actress admitted that she always feels the urge to wear it whether at home as a kid or in the early teenage years of her career that she broke rules.

When asked about the craziest thing she has done for beauty, the "Umbrella" songstress revealed that it's "a corset." She added that if given the chance she would do it and even wear it every day if she could make it alive.

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