State-of-the-art cameras don't come cheap, but the world's most expensive camera--auctioned for 2.16 million Euros-- doesn't even have a single megapixel.  

The rare 1923 Leica vintage camera was sold in Vienna over the weekend, becoming the most expensive camera ever sold. In 2007, a similar Leica o-series was sold for $430,000 and last year one sold for $1.7 million. 

The camera, which was bought by an anonymous buyer, is one of 25 prototypes of the Leica O-series; only half of them have been preserved and this particular version still works, according to the Daily Mail. 

The German camera maker  is one of the most reputable camera brands in the world, but even its most powerful machine, which shoots up to a 100 frames per second, doesn't come close to the value of the vintage 1923 camera. 

The limited edition M9-P, which heralds 18-megapixels an aluminum finish and white leather, is selling in Japan for $31,700, according to 

The previous world record price for a camera was £732,000 for a daguerreotype, the Daily Mail reports.