What does 140 in cat years look like? We'll, I'm sure you'd say pretty magnificent after taking one glimpse at Cola the cat. 

The feline is preparing to celebrate her 28th birthday, the equivalent of 140 cat years. Her 66-year-old owner Mary Goldsmith told Metro UK that Cola's long life can be attributed to "a lot of love and attention and just being looked after."

But there will be more to celebrate than just another year when Cola turns 28 in November. If her age is verified, Cola will take the Guinness World Record title as the world's official oldest living cat -- likely unwelcome news for the current title holder, 23-year-old Pinky. 

Speaking to The Daily Mail UK, Mrs. Goldsmith said she would be extremely excited if Cola is able to take the title. 

'I would really love to know if she is. I would be over the moon if she was crowned the world’s oldest cat," she said.

According to Mrs. Goldsmith, Cola was born in November of 1985 and has only been to the vet one time -- quite the accomplishment for the gracefully aging feline.