A 94-year-old Italian woman has left her entire estate, whopping bank balance and family wealth for her cat before she died last month.

The little member of the tiger family has become the richest feline on the planet after inheriting over $13 million fortune of her owner, Masisa Assunta.

Credit: Screen-grab from You Tube. World’s Richest Cat, Tommaso, inherits $13 million from owner.

Assunta rescued Tommaso as a stray and couldn't think of anyone else except her 4-year-old cat to pass on her entire legacy, as apparently she had no other relatives and friends alive.

However, Italian law doesn't permit animals become heir to any property and hence the estate's attorney decided that Tommaso and his inherited fortune will go to the animal-loving nurse who was the care-taker for the elderly women.

I had no idea signora (Masisa Assunta) had such wealth, the care-taker said according to Radaronline.