Lifetimes’s Fear the Cheer event is continuing with more creepy circumstances surrounding teens with plenty of school spirit, with the premiere of their newest film, “The Wrong Cheerleader Coach,” starring Corin Nemec, Madi Burton, Vivica A. Fox and Johanna Liauw.

While Burton and Liauw will be newer faces to Lifetime fans, they will certainly recognize Nemec and Fox, who have previously worked together on other films, including “The Wrong Stepfather” and “The Wrong Stepmother.” Nemec could also be familiar for his roles in the network’s films “One Nightmare Stand,” “Evil Doctor” and “Girlfriend Killer.”

Fox has been a staple with Lifetime for several years, and in addition to her roles in the films where she starred with Nemec, in the last few years alone, she has appeared in “The Wrong Wedding Planner,” “The Wrong Housesitter,” “The Wrong Cheerleader,” “The Wrong Tutor,” “The Wrong Mommy,” “The Wrong Boy Next Door,” “The Wrong Teacher,” “The Wrong Friend,” “The Wrong Cruise,” “The Wrong Man,” “The Wrong Crush,” “The Wrong Student” and “The Wrong Child.”

So what happens when these two Lifetime veterans team up with two newbies? A movie featuring some of the things Lifetime does best—mistaken identities, obsession and possibly, murder.

“When Jon (Nemec) and his daughter Hanna (Burton) move from Chicago to California to start a new life after the passing of his wife, they are delighted when the head cheerleader coach, Ms. Burke (Fox) invites Hanna to join the squad,” a synopsis for the film reads. “When the new assistant coach, Devan (Liauw), offers private cheer lessons, it turns out that she is interested in more than helping Hanna with her sights set on Jon and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.”

The film, produced by HYBRID and Vivica A. Fox, premieres Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

The Wrong Cheerleader Coach
Johanna Liauw and Vivica A. Fox star in “The Wrong Cheerleader Coach” on Lifetime. Courtesy of Lifetime