With WWE pushing Ryback more than ever before his match against CM Punk at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship this Sunday, the fastest rising star in professional wrestling defeated Dolph Ziggler on this week’s episode of “Main Event,” reports NoDQ. The newest WWE program featured the same style of pre-match interviews and promos for both superstars, as well as a secondary match with Alberto del Rio defeating Sin Cara.

This fourth episode of the new WWE series featured its first predictable match, with Ryback on a major winning streak since debuting with the company in April, and Ziggler jobbing his share of high-profile matches since winning the Money in the Bank match in July. In previous weeks, the show featured a Champion vs. Champion match between CM Punk and Sheamus, a bout between Randy Orton and Big Show, and an intercontinental Title match with The Miz losing the mid-card belt to Kofi Kingston.

Aside from the IC Championship match, “Main Event” has consistently remained outside of the major storyline within WWE. Ziggler and Ryback was announced on last Wednesday's "Main Event," when the Showoff issued an open challange following his victory over Zack Ryder.

Ziggler facing the Big Hungry is a departure from the Showoff’s Money in the Bank contract angle and Ryback’s feud with Punk for the WWE Championship.  

Despite the inevitable Ryback victory, the two men fighting is a draw considering what they are known for. The Big Hungry is an unstoppable, powerhouse wrestler, and Ziggler is best known for selling moves better than anyone on the roster; a recipe for a cringe-filled fight.

Del Rio facing Cara is also irrelevant in regard to the story, but promising due to the two competitor’s styles. The International Sensation has had a hard time in WWE, wrestling predominately in lucha libre fashion, which can be spectacular, but usually winds up awkward when placed with performers with different backgrounds.

Fortunately, Del Rio performed wrestled lucha libre for years before altering his approach for WWE. This makes the Mexican Aristocrat one of the best opponents for Cara, along with Rey Mysterio.