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The newest WWE B-show “Mina Event” has defied the expectations of fans who assumed the program would quickly dwindle in quality the way “Superstars” did several years ago. The latest edition of the WWE side project saw Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler defeat The Miz in a one on one match, reports NoDQ.

This match was uncertain, but fans could guess that the Showoff would take the victory given the performance he put on at Survivor Series, being the last of ten men in an elimination match. Since winning the Money in the Bank match this past summer, Ziggler hasn’t been on the role he could have been, but after winning last Sunday by defeating Randy Orton, his push to the top was solidified.

There has only been one instance where a Money in the Bank contract was cashed in unsuccessfully, so the odds are on Ziggler’s side in getting the World Heavyweight Title. The Miz could use a push as well and could prove to be the major face on in the World Heavyweight Title picture if Orton turns heel before Ziggler’s run.

Before the match stated, the Awesome One was cutting a promo but was interrupted by Ziggler. After winning, the Showoff cut a promo of his own, further setting himself up as a major talent in WWE.

The introduction of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Survivor Series appears to be part of an NXT invasion storyline, as the three up and comers set their attention to the Tyson Kidd vs. Santino Marella match on this week’s “Main Event;” the bout went to no contest after their interference.

Originally the idea of an invasion story was less obvious. The trio attacked Ryback during a match with CM Punk, so their motive could have been to aid Punk as his new cronies, or to make an impact by taking out Ryback; now it seems bigger.

Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel in a thrown together match, as well.