Diagnosed with terminal cancer, a Wyoming mother denied treatment to give birth before she dies.

Carrie DeKlyen, 37, received her diagnosis of an aggressive form of brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, in April. Just two weeks later, DeKlyen learned she was carrying her sixth child.

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"We’re just a normal family," sister-in-law Sonya Nelson told local media Wednesday. "We’re living our lives, you know, children, working. And you feel like your world just crumbles before your eyes.

"It was Carrie and Nick's decision and they chose to continue with trying to have the baby. Everybody who knows Carrie, loves her."

19880910_1493039350 Carrie DeKlyen, of Wyoming, Michigan, and her husband, Nick, have five children and a baby on the way. She hopes her baby will be delivered before she dies. Her and her family is pictured above Dec. 25, 2016 Photo: GoFundMe page

Surgeons had twice removed the tumor from DeKlyen’s brain. Despite the treatments, the cancer returned. Doctors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor said DeKlyen fit the criteria for a clinical trial drug that would combat the cancer—but she would have to end her pregnancy. Instead, she denied the treatment and continued with the pregnancy.

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"This trial they said would have prolonged her life, medically speaking, even longer," Nelson told WOOD-TV, an NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids. "But they chose to continue with the pregnancy, so this is where we are at today."

Doctors confirmed the baby’s good health to DeKlyen and her husband, Nick DeKlyen. Supported by her family, the DeKlyens' started a Facebook page to document their experience.

"We have an amazing family," Nelson told WOOD. "I don't know how families that do not have the support that we have get through a trial like this."

Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme are expected to live about 15 months after diagnosis. Carrie DeKlyen's family has remained steadfast in their support through past cancer recurrences.

"We are a family of faith," Nelson said, who has cared for the couple's 2-year-old son. "And so we are just believing that God’s plan for Carrie is to be healed. And if he chooses to heal her here or in heaven, we will still trust in him."

Carrie DeKlyen had suffered a stroke and she remains semi-conscious at the hospital. Doctors said the plan was to keep her alive for the next eight weeks. She will be 28 weeks pregnant by that time, which will allow doctors to deliver the baby.

Her family hoped she would be conscious for the birth of her daughter. "We want her to wake up," Nelson said. "We would love for her to be able to see she gave the child a gift of life."

Nick DeKlyen waited by his wife’s bedside, along with support from their extended family and members of their Resurrection Life Church. Members of the church helped watch the couple’s children, who range in ages from 2 to 18 years old.

Nick DeKlyen has missed work to be by his wife’s side, which created financial pressure on the family. The family has accepted donations via their GoFundMe page.