In a first-ever move for television, Fox's new singing competition The X Factor is opening up its voting process to Twitter, the network announced Tuesday.

Immediately following the live performance show on November 2, fans will be able to register their votes by visiting the show's Twitter page and following Viewers can then vote via private Direct Message. (Tweets themselves will not count as votes.) Much like in the sacred tradition of American democracy, votes will not be visible to the public.

In addition to Twitter votes, the show will enable fans to make their choice known through the Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices; toll-free calling; text message (for Verizon Wireless customers, anyway); at the show's Web site; and via Facebook, at the X Factor Facebook page.

Twitter voting and online voting will be limited to 50 votes per account user ID -- so, y'know, there's no chance of fans stuffing the ballot box or anything.

I think it's fantastic that Verizon and 'The X Factor' are giving fans so many different ways to vote, X Factor executive producer and judge Simon Cowell said of the expanded voting options. Launching touch screen voting on Verizon's The Xtra Factor App and the new voting on Twitter is really exciting, I love that the audience has more and more choice in the way that they can vote.

The Twitter communication will go both ways, with judges blasting tweets about new developments on the show, and Twitter data being broadcast on-air for viewers who prefer to watch the show through the antiquated technology of television.