The X-Files Episode 5 Recap
Mulder (David Duchovny) tries to figure out how to get answers from a comatose suicide bomber on episode 5 of "The X-Files." Fox

Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) have dealt with their share of monsters on Fox's “The X-Files.” In episode 5, they take on terrorists, which are just as bad as monsters and are very much a part of the real world. The two have to figure out how to communicate with comatose suicide bomber before a terrorist cell strikes in “Babylon."

The episode begins with two Middle Eastern men walking into an art gallery that's displaying offensive artwork of Muhammad. The gallery explodes, killing many and putting one of the bombers into a coma.

Mulder and Scully are in their FBI office when two agents, Agent Miller (Robbie Amell) and Agent Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) come to see them. Miller tells them about the bombing that happened in Texas and of the terrorist that technically survived the blast. Miller wants to try to get answers out of the terrorist through paranormal methods.

Miller and Einstein are like a younger version of Scully and Mulder, as Miller believes in the supernatural while Einstein is a doctor who’s a skeptic. As Miller and Einstein wait for their plane to Texas, Miller receives a call from Scully who says she believes she has a way for him to communicate with the comatose bomber. At the same time, Mulder calls Einstein and tells her that he too has a way for her to get answers, but she has to stay behind and meet him.

When Scully gets to Texas she tells Miller that she might have a way but it won’t involve a psychic or an oracle. She believes there’s a way through science and she uses the recent passing of her mother as motivation to help Miller and to challenge herself to get answers out of someone in a coma.

Mulder, who is trying to get Einstein to open her mind up more, pitches an idea that involves a magic mushroom that doctors have been experimenting with. People claim they’ve been able to communicate with the dead with the mushroom. Mulder wants Einstein to prescribe him the mushroom so that he can try to get through to the terrorist. Einstein turns down his idea, thinking he’s crazy.

When Scully and Miller arrive at the hospital to see the bomber she tells him that there’s been some experiments through MRI’s where doctors are able to get comatose patients to answer yes or no questions through electro activity in the brain. Scully warns him that it still might be difficult to get what Miller is looking for.

Einstein arrives at the hospital in Texas and gets a change of heart when she sees Miller with Scully. She tells Mulder to come to Texas and provides him with two pills containing the magic mushroom when he arrives. In return she wants some sort of results from Mulder’s experiment.

Scully and Miller are asked to clear the wing because of a terrorist threat. When they leave the room, a nurse comes in and shuts off the equipment keeping the terrorist alive. Mulder and Einstein walk in and she quickly flips the machine back on. Mulder then pops one of the mushroom pills, while Einstein asks to speak to the nurse outside the room.

After talking to the nurse, Einstein turns around and sees that Mulder is no longer in the room. Mulder is high from the pill and is walking around the hospital hallucinating and dancing. In his hallucinations Mulder is at a honky-tonk bar with Skinner and the Lone Gunmen. The hallucination then turns dark as he sees Cigarette Smoking Man on a row boat. Mulder then sees the terrorist lying in a woman's arms trying to speak.

Scully and Miller are using the MRI machine to try to get through to the terrorist. Miller starts speaking to him in Arabic and his brain begins to respond on the machine, but they have to figure out a baseline for yes and no.

The X-Files Babylon
Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) embrace at the end of episode 5 of "The X-Files" miniseries. Fox

Skinner wakes Mulder up at the hospital and he’s not happy that Mulder tripped around the hospital. Einstein informs Mulder that she had given him a placebo and not the magic mushroom. Mulder thinks it’s impossible because he spoke to the terrorist but he didn’t know what he said because it was in Arabic.

While Einstein wheels Mulder out of the hospital, he sees a woman from his hallucination who was holding the terrorist on the boat. The woman, Noora (Nina Nayebi), ends up being the terrorist’s mother and they learn his name is Shiraz (Artin John). Noora says in her dreams and prayers she learned that her son hadn’t gone through with setting off his bomb, but was still hurt by the other explosion.

Shiraz starts to go into cardiac arrest and he dies in the hospital. What Mulder sees reminds him of his hallucination and he tells them that Shiraz spoke to him. Mulder thinks back to the hallucination and tells Miller what Shiraz said in Arabic, which Miller interprets as Babylon Hotel. A SWAT team goes to the hotel and arrests the terrorists before they can carry out their plan.

Other Major Moments From Episode 5:

  • After their experience with the terrorist, Miller suggests to Einstein that there are things that can’t be explained, much like a younger Mulder used to do to Scully. Could we see more from these two in the future on “The X-Files”?
  • The episode came to an end with Mulder and Scully walking hand-in-hand outside of Mulder’s home. It appears as though the love between Mulder and Scully hasn’t gone anywhere and the two could be getting back together soon.