Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson, pictured here at the red carpet for the Lawrence Olivier Awards for theatre in London on April 12, 2015, said the idea that the "X-Files" reboot was only going to be six episodes is what drew her back to the series. Getty

Fans of the "X-Files" are counting down the days until the show returns to Fox for a six episode run in January 2016. However, the reboot almost didn't happen after star Gillian Anderson originally said she wouldn't reprise her role as Dana Scully.

Anderson told Time that she originally wanted no part of an "X-Files" reboot when she was asked by a fan at New York Comic Con in 2013. She told the fan she'd do "X-Files" again "over my dead body." However, once the idea of doing a short miniseries approach came about she changed her mind.

"It was that we were doing six [episodes] instead of 24. To me, somebody saying, 'Do you want to do The X-Files?' meant signing my life over. It wasn’t until the commitment was less than eight episodes that I could consider doing something, based on my other commitments—including children!" Anderson dished.

Anderson will be teaming up with her old on-screen partner David Duchovny, who will once again play Fox Mulder. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Anderson said she understands how fans feel and how excited they are for the show to return. "You see these familiar faces and the familiar crossbeams of light coming out of the darkness and hear that soundtrack," she said of fans seeing the reboot.

Show creator Chris Carter revealed to Variety at this year's New York Comic-Con that when the show returns, four episodes will be standalone, while the other two will "continue the show's mythology."

“It’s a perfect time to be telling ‘X-Files,’ stories,” Carter said. “That’s why I was excited about doing it. We knew we needed to make a statement and be bold.”

You can watch a trailer for the "X-Files" reboot below:

The premiere of the "X-Files" reboot will air on Jan. 24, 2016, immediately following the NFL's NFC Championship game on Fox.