Xbox Live support thought it was in the clear Tuesday morning after services were back up and running after a midnight outage, but around 1:30 p.m. EST users began reporting issues again. Xbox Live is down with users reporting the error code 0x87dd0004. 

Monday evening and into Tuesday morning  Xbox users were having issues accessing the games they purchased on their devices, Xbox Support first tweeted about the issue around 8:30 Monday night and by 3 a.m. Tuesday it had tweeted again saying the issue had been resolved.

By Tuesday afternoon tweets were rolling in again, this time users were having issues signing into Xbox Live accounts. Soon after, Xbox put out a Status tweet with a link to the service status page.

More than 4,000 people had reported the Tuesday afternoon Xbox Live sign in issues with the site DownDetector.

Twitter was awash with users wondering what the issue was.

The error code most people were reporting was “0x87DD0004.”

Microsoft recommends that when users get a message that something is wrong with their Microsoft account, their first step should be to check the Xbox Live service status. If there is an alert, Microsoft recommends users sit tight and wait it out and try logging in once the site says service is back up. At 2 p.m. EST Tuesday, there were two service alerts for Xbox Live Core Services and Purchase and Content Usage. Users can sign up to receive notifications once service is back up and running.

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If there is no service alert, Microsoft recommends that users update their security information. By verifying your Microsoft account’s information sign in may work. This is simple two-step verification like you may have on your email or other social media accounts like Snapchat. Microsoft warns that if you skipped this step when setting up your Xbox you’ll have to fill it in when prompted. If there is no service outage and verifying your security information doesn’t fix your login issue, you’ll probably want to contact Xbox support.

Users were not happy about the sign-in issues, especially those who were excited about playing the newly released Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Some people had even taken off work to play on the release day.

“We’re aware that some users are having difficulties logging in to some services.  Our engineers are working to fully resolve this as soon as possible,” a Microsoft spokesperson told IBT, leaving the cause of the service outage unclear.

Around 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon Xbox Support sent another tweet indicating that some accounts were coming back online.

And by 5:30 p.m. another tweet went out saying things were "much better" at that point.