An Xbox One rumor dump appeared online on Jan. 29. Courtesy/Microsoft

A massive Xbox One rumor dump has been leaked online. The post was created on Jan. 29 and contained many juicy details about upcoming plans for the Xbox One. The rumors hinted at an upcoming disc-free Xbox One, “Halo 5” in 2015 and “Forza 5” hitting shelves sometimes during 2015.

The thread, which was posted by user ntkrnl, included details about Microsoft’s future plans, giving details about anticipated titles “Gears of War 4” and “Titanfall” DLC. This is what the forum poster included in his entry:

Forza Horizon: "Fall 2014, probably September. Super sexy weather system and... shit tons of co-op/social stuff. 1080P and open-world, so you can road trip with your bros."

White Xbone incoming.

Why all the leaks? Scared you might get caught? "I am incapable of fear. Plus, this is such exciting stuff, and me talking about it ahead of time isn't going to hurt anything, truthfully. We're all chomping at the bit for it to come out. This is not bad. "

Halo Anniversary 2 will be 1080p, iffy on the 60fps, maybe not.

Quantum Break is Holiday 2014

Multiplayer confirmed for HA2, same devs as Halo Anniversary.

Sunset Overdrive is Fall 2014

Is not Phil Spencer

Black Tusk cancelled project was called "Shangheist." May have involved stealing stuff from the Chinese (though I think that may have been a reference to the name and maybe not the gameplay? Not sure...)

Fable Legends is Summer 2015

Halo 2 Anniversary includes beta for Halo 5

Gears of War will probably need a 2.5 year dev time.

First Titanfall DLC is 45 days from release, then another one 120 days from release.

No Crackdown 3 news this year most likely, since it's a 2016 title.

A list w/dates of the rest of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries that Xbone will release in this year.

No info/idea on what Rare's up to, sadly.

$399 XB1 this year? "Maybe one without an Optical Disc Drive."

All of these allegations were made by ntkrnl, who has chosen to remain anonymous. Tech site Kotaku verified that ntkrnl is linked to Microsoft, though all claims remain unproven. The Verge was able to verify a number of the claims, including the white Xbox One and a disc drive-less Xbox One going through the testing process, but many of the rumors remain just gaming gossip.

What do you think of the info dump? True or false? Which of these allegations are you hoping to be true?