• Microsoft would reportedly hold an event in July for the Xbox Series X
  • The July event would be the venue for the announcement of the price of the Xbox Series X
  • At the Microsoft's July event the company would reveal the Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart 

Sony has finally unveiled its next-generation gaming console PS5 at its digital event this month. While most fans are thrilled about the design of the PS5, some are disappointed that Sony did not reveal the price of the console. While Microsoft has not yet announced the price of the Xbox Series X, a new claim surfaced online, revealing that the price of the rumored Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart

Xbox Series S' Price

The latest information about the price of the more affordable Xbox Series S otherwise known as Xbox Lockhart comes from industry insider eastmen. Speaking with Beyond3D Forums, the insider revealed that the Xbox Series S would retail at half the Xbox Series X's price. Additionally, eastmen said that the rumored hardware is Microsoft's all-digital gaming console.

The industry insider admitted that he has no idea about the final price of the Xbox Series X. However, he claimed that the Redmond-based tech giant is prepared to retail the premium gaming console for $400. If Sony would price the PS5 at $500 or $600, Microsoft might try to sell the Xbox Series S at $200, the Xbox Series X at $400 or $500, but that remains to be seen, the insider said.

Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X. Microsoft/Official

This kind of pricing strategy looks aggressive. However, eastmen noted that Microsoft would make up for the potential loss by getting a substantial chunk on Game Pass subscriptions and game sales.

Xbox Series X's July Event

Aside from the price of the rumored Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart, the industry insider also shared some details about the company's upcoming July event. At the said event, Microsoft would launch the Xbox Series S. It would also be the platform where the company would reveal the retail price of the Xbox Series X.

Interestingly, the tipster noted that the Redmond tech giant would like the July event to be a "night of mic drops." The said event would also showcase the list of titles coming to the gaming console, which he described as " paling in comparison to the previous Xbox titles." The industry insider has proven in the past to have access to Microsoft's information.

Xbox Series X is slated to arrive on the holiday of 2020.