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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks at Ohio State University, Oct. 10, 2016, in Columbus. Getty Images

At this point in the election cycle, Americans know Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. They know her stances, her cadence and her favorite ways to attack Republican nominee Donald Trump. But do they know about her high school days?

A newly released Lifetime web series explores just that. "The Young Hillary Diaries" follows the teenaged version of Clinton — then, of course, named Hillary Rodham — as she campaigns to be student body president at East Plains High School in 1964, Entertainment Weekly reported exclusively Tuesday.

The first episode of "The Young Hillary Diaries" shows Clinton, played by Jessica Cabot, sitting on the steps of her school with an American flag scarf in her hair. She narrates as she writes in her diary that "student body president is the dreamiest job a girl could hope for." But her rival, Ronald Stump, is less than supportive. The short video includes a clip of a familiar-sounding voice asking, "Isn't there anything else you can do with your time? Get a real job in the home."

The series may be topical, but from what's been released so far, it's only partially accurate. Here's what we know:

Though East Plains High School does exist, Clinton didn't go there. She attended Maine East High School in Chicago before transferring to Maine South High School for her senior year, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

"She was very, very smart, but at the same time approachable," her former peer Hal Masoncup told the Chicago Tribune this past summer. "She easily expressed herself as far as issues having to do with the school and the student body, and she was very friendly."

Clinton served as junior class president while at Maine East. But she was defeated when she ran for student government president at Maine South, according to "Hillary Clinton," a 2011 book by Jean F. Blashfield. She was up against "several boys" who "laughed at her for thinking a girl could be president."

Clinton elaborated on the election in a recent interview with Elle:

One of my opponents even told me I was "really stupid" if I thought a girl could be elected president. Fine. But then the boy who won asked me to be the chair of the Organizations Committee. This meant that he got to be president, but I had to do most of the work.

I said yes anyway – and it turned out to be a lot of fun, because I got to plan all the events I would have pushed for as president. (One of them was a mock presidential debate, if you can believe that!)

Clinton also helped out on the Student Council Constitutional Committee, National Honor Society and the newspaper, according to BuzzFeed. She acted, was a National Merit Scholarship finalist and tried out for a quiz show.

Finally, Clinton graduated in 1965 and went onto Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where she did eventually become student government president. The rest is history.

"The Young Hillary Diaries" is set to roll out episodes until Nov. 8, EW reported.