Young and the Restless
As they continue looking into to Graham (Max Shippee, not pictured) Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Jack's (Peter Bergmann, not pictured) suspicions continue to grow on the Sept. 19, 2017 episode of "The Young and the Restless." CBS

They've had their doubts about how trust-worthy he is ever since he came to Genoa City with their mother. But now, as they continue to learn more about the mysterious Graham, Ashley and Jack will begin to fear that Dina's safety is in jeopardy on the Tuesday, Sept. 19 episode of "The Young and the Restless."

After Dina (Marla Adams) told Jack (Peter Bergmann) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to stop causing trouble after she revealed she has willed all of her money to Graham (Max Shippee), the siblings begrudgingly started to let things slide on the CBS soap. However, after they realized Dina was giving Graham access to confidential Jabot reports and information, they decided to start looking into him some more. After learning that he told Dina he was an orphan, Ashley did some digging and learned that had been a lie, and Graham had a mother at a home in Florida. Now, she will share this information with Jack, and the two will continue to worry about what else he is hiding from Dina.

"We keep digging. If this guy would lie about his mother being gone..." Jack says in a preview clip.

"Then he's lying about other things obviously," Ashley says.

Jack and Ashley will decide they need to continue investigating Graham further, because they are genuinely concerned about what he may or may not be hiding, as he could be a genuine threat to their mother's health and happiness. As they look more into the story behind the mother he is keeping hidden away however, they could discover some shocking connections Graham already has to Genoa City—which will prove that he might be more of a danger than they ever previously imagined.

Meanwhile, as Dina continues to struggle over the fact that she told Ashley years ago the truth about who her real father was, she will confide in Graham that she's worried about the things she's done, and how they’ll be perceived, and she especially regrets telling her daughter the truth. As she seems ready to close herself off from him however, Graham will encourage her to continue sharing her feelings with him.

"You know you can entrust any and all of your secrets to me. You know that," he says in the clip.

Dina could continue confiding in him that she worries her children are making mistakes that mirror her own from the past too much, but will be interrupted when Ashley walks in. After Graham leaves, Ashley will tell her mother about her suspicions regarding Graham, and will reveal his big lie about being an orphan. She will once again bring up the argument with her mother that for some reason, Graham is trying to drive a wedge between Dina and her kids, and the moment will cause Dina to snap at her daughter, because she doesn't want to hear any of this about Graham.

However, later on, Dina could begin to also wonder for herself if Graham is as trustworthy as she thought, as she will likely begin to believe what Ashley told her about his life. However, it could be too late now to do anything about the situation, as she has given Graham so much control over her life.

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.