They’ve tried moving on from the pain of the past and their mother’s decision to abandon them, but news of Dina’s company going up for sale on “The Young and the Restless” could lead to new heartache and a lot of questions for both Jack and Ashley on the Wednesday, May 3 episode.

Jack (Peter Bergmann) has come across the news that Mergeron Enterprises, the company that he and Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) mother Dina (Marla Adams) owns, is up for sale. Despite the painful memories he has of being abandoned by his mother, the news will intrigue him on the CBS soap, and he will quickly begin to wonder what has spurred this new decision. However, when he brings the news up to Ashley, he will be a little surprised that she doesn’t even have the slightest bit of curiosity when it comes to their mother’s life and company.

“You’re not even a little curious as to why our mother has her company up for sale?” He asks in a preview clip.

Ashley will likely then confirm that she genuinely doesn’t care, as long as Dina doesn’t try to show her face back in Genoa City again, because as far as her daughter is concerned, she isn’t welcome to be there. For Ashley, the abandonment is even more painful than it is for Jack because of the fact that her mother kept the truth about who her father really was from her for her entire childhood, allowing her to believe that John Abbott was her father, when she was really Brent Davis’ biological daughter. Realizing she wasn’t who she thought she was, coupled with Dina abandoning them, has been difficult for Ashley all of these years, and she doesn’t want to let the memories take over.

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Meanwhile, there is a chance Dina could show up back in Genoa City after all, because Devon (Bryton James) and Neil (Kristoffer St. John), are heading to Paris to talk to her about the possibility of letting their new company be the one who buys hers. Devon will express excitement over the possible opportunity, forcing his father to warn him that Dina is a complicated woman, and she may not be interested in working with them.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he warns in the clip. “There is no guarantee that we are going to make this deal close.”

When they meet with Dina, Neal may quickly be proven right as Dina will immediately scoff at letting such a new company take hers over. However, if she learns just who Devon really is, she may be persuaded to change her mind—and she could quickly decide to head back to Genoa City to make the deal final.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EDT on CBS.