He has been more devoted to her as a friend and the mother of some of his children ever since learning about her cancer diagnosis, but Nick will get some hard lessons as he tries to do everything he can to be there for Sharon on the Tuesday, Jan. 28 episode of “The Young and the Restless.”

After learning that Sharon (Sharon Case) was diagnosed with breast cancer, Nick (Joshua Morrow) vowed to be there and be supportive of his ex on the CBS soap, which has included her insistence that no one else knows what’s going on with her outside of their kids and Rey (Jordi Villasousa). As a result, Nick has been unable to reveal the truth to anyone else, but his increase in time he spends with Sharon has not gone unnoticed. As a result, he will have to become defensive when his mother, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) begins to question what’s going on.

Young and the Restless
Nick (Joshua Morrow) takes a firm stance on the Jan. 28, 2020 episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Howard Wise/JPI Studios for CBS

“Nick takes a firm stance,” spoilers reveal.

Nikki will, of course, be concerned about how much time her son is spending with Sharon considering their long and complicated history, but since she does not know the real reason yet, she will need to be appeased for now by her son’s explanation. However, keeping his mother at bay won’t be the only thing that could lead to a future misstep when it comes to Sharon.

Since she revealed her diagnosis, Sharon’s loved ones have been doing everything they can to show their support—something that has been overwhelming her slightly. Now, as Nick goes to her once again and reveals some research he has done that steps on Sharon’s toes when it comes to her medical care plans, he may realize that while he has good intentions, Sharon may not want the kind of help he has been giving.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Genoa City, Nick’s other ex, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), will once again be stirring up trouble—but her plans to have a romantic night with Chance (Danny Boaz) will go awry.

“Phyllis experiences a setback,” spoilers state.

“The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. EST on CBS.