Diana Trout’s heart might’ve been broken on “Younger” in the past, but, luckily, she knows a great plumber ready to take on the repair job. In Tuesday’s new episode of the TV Land comedy, Enzo (Chris Tardio) makes a splashy re-entrance into both the show and Diana’s (Miriam Shor) life.

“He was a fan-favorite from the start, and everyone was always like, ‘How about that plumber,’” Shor told International Business Times about the return of Enzo. “We had a lot of chemistry and he’s really fun.”

Enzo was last seen on “Younger” two seasons ago when the two shared a casual, hook-up-only relationship. At the time, Diana thought he wasn’t into serious relationships, and he thought that she wasn’t into him. Though the two didn’t work out, they’re getting a second chance at starting something up. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in Diana’s personal life between then and now.

Richard (Mather Zickel) happened. The two were serious in Season 4, but Diana eventually learned that he was simply taking advantage of her and lying to her. Though she’s moved on from him, she hasn’t necessarily moved on from the heartbreak that he caused.

Diana (Miriam Shor) goes on a date with Enzo (Chris Tardio) in a new episode of “Younger.” Photo courtesy of TV Land

“She’s been hurt in the past, so she’s a little protective of herself,” Shor told IBT. “But then [the writers] sort of throw her for a loop by putting this person back in her life, who she just had an attraction to. Of course, it gets really fun. It turns into a really wonderful storyline.”

Tuesday’s new Season 5 “Younger” episode, titled “The Talented Mr. Ridley,” will see the beginnings of a new Diana-Enzo relationship, and while it might start off sweet and seemingly easy, it won’t be without its troubles.

“Her [past] relationship took a bit of a toll on her and when you’ve been burned in a relationship, it’s always hard to sort of trust relationships and to put yourself in a relationship again,” Shor said. “So, I think they kind of deal with that, but I also think they deal with her feelings that they’re from two different worlds.”

Diana is going into this new relationship with doubts, but Enzo has no problem trying to squash those concerns. Shor, who also takes on the role of director later this season, likes “that he challenges her” because it makes for “interesting storytelling and it’s very funny and very kind of pointed.”

Diana starts off worried about all of the differences between them, “and she’s not used to being afraid, so, that kind of throws her for a loop,” Shor said. The writers build on this and create a “lovely relationship” between Diana and Enzo, with him helping her overcome some of these anxieties.

In the end, Shor explained, Diana and Enzo are just “two people who on the surface are incredibly different, but who have a real connection.”

“Younger” airs on Tuesdays on TV Land at 10 p.m. EDT.