Storytime YouTuber Tana Mangeau and longtime boyfriend Somer Hollingsworth appear to have ended their relationship. The YouTube star’s better half posted a series of telling tweets on Wednesday seemingly confirming the end of their romance.

After writing that he was “tired of living in a shadow” and would refuse to “give up,” Somer posted telling messages to Twitter. “‘YouTube doesn’t change people,’” he wrote. “Done.”

While he didn’t specifically mention Tana in his initial posts, he did tell his 45K followers he was taking time for himself. “The things I’ve allowed myself to be put through,” he wrote. “Time to do me.”

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Somer went on to accuse Tana of caring more about her YouTube career and amount of followers than their relationship. “If you all knew the truth about this girl,” he posted. “At what point does a socialblade mean more to you than the person you claim to love.”

After fans began to question his relationship with Tana and whether they would work things out, Somer posted, “Tana and I are still together to everyone that keeps asking” before quickly adding, “Sike.”

Following Somer’s tweets, Tana announced to her followers that she would be appearing in a YouNow broadcast, to which Somer tweeted that he expected Tana to “victimize herself” in the situation. Somer went on to confess that he was unhappy with one of Tana’s recent YouTube collaborations. 

On YouNow, Tana stated that she met Somer before she became big on social media and called him her “first” and “only love.” She revealed that after Somer posted his explosive tweets, he texted her and insinuated that they were done. 

Tana went on to state that she should have informed Somer about the controversial part of the video in question, but denied any of the footage was sexual. “We both have a right to be hurting,” she said.

Tana also spoke out about the situation on Twitter where she reminded her fans there are “three sides to every story.” 

“If anything was actually sexual it would’ve never been put on camera,” Tana wrote. “Friends joking around for a collab that was meant to make u guys laugh at how silly it is... but if he’s hurt I’m still wrong for that & would love to talk about it in private because I love him.”

While things are clearly not good between the two vloggers, a statement from Tana on YouNow on Wednesday made it seem as if she and Somer didn’t officially end things. “It is a conversation that him and I should have and if I’m dead to him like he says, then let’s just end it. Let’s move on,” Tana stated.

Still, if the pair does decide to go their separate ways, Tana has made it clear she wants Somer to continue to succeed on YouTube. “I love and care about him,” she said in her broadcast. “I love him. I’ve always loved him. I’ll always love him.”