Shay Carl
Shay Carl has not officially returned to YouTube following his cheating scandal. He is pictured at the Streamy Awards on Feb. 17, 2013 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

Shay Carl Butler may be ready to end his indefinite leave from the internet. Recently, the famed YouTuber shared a post on social media regarding his clothing company.

The post from Shay showed a man holding up a T-shirt from the Trixin Clothing Company and the caption, “Screenshot if your about this design.” Fans on Twitter reported that the post was shared on Shay’s Instagram account and later deleted. Shay privated the account in March, which to date has 1.2 million followers.

While Shay made a brief return to the internet, he did not post a new video to his popular Shaytards channel. The family vlog account was last updated in February, around the same time Shay’s cheating scandal broke.

On Feb. 12, it was revealed by cam girl Aria Nina that she had been having sharing sexual messages with the famous YouTuber online for three months. She denied ever getting physical with the star but did claim that he sent her nude videos. Shay, who has never directly responded to the allegations, reportedly confirmed the validity of the messages to fellow YouTuber Keemstar.

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Following the affair reveal, Shay announced on Twitter that he would be taking a break from the internet to focus on his own health, revealing that he was suffering from alcoholism. Shay had previously opened up about overcoming the disease on his podcast, WTKGTS (When the Kids Go To Sleep).

In a tweet, Shay revealed he would be seeking help. “I thought I was able to escape addiction & its associated demons but that disease has manifested itself back into my life,” he wrote. Shay has also since deactivated his Twitter account.

While Shay and his family haven’t made an official return to the video-sharing site, they have made several cameos on other channels since taking the break. Most recently, Shay made a brief appearance in a fan’s vlog. In March, he made several cameos in his best friend and fellow vlogger Charles Trippy’s wedding video for his CTFxC channel. His wife, Colette Butler, also appeared in the footage.

As Shay remains silent on Twitter, his former mistress, Aria Nina, has continued to talk publicly about their romance. In March, the adult star shared a deleted Shaytards video and shaded Shay for saying he “only” make videos for his millions of subscribers “for the money” in the clip. Prior to the snub, she responded to a joke that she was pregnant with his child saying she and Shay never had sex.

Unlike Shay, Colette has made at least one appearance in a family vlog. In late February, fans spotted a brief cameo from the mother of five in her sister-in-law Carlie Wood’s vlog channel. In the clip she was helping celebrate Shay’s father’s birthday.

Following the appearance, and in response to her lack of participation in her channel The Mom’s View, Carlie and fellow sister-in-law Kayli Butler, spoke out about her absence from the site.

“We are missing Colette. She’s going through some things right now and doesn’t feel comfortable being here but opefully she will be back soon... We feel it is her place to talk about when she’s ready,” Kayli stated in a video in March.

Carlie continued, “At the end of the day family is No. 1 to us no matter what and we support whatever decision that she makes. We’re just here to support her and love her and even though she can’t be here she sends her love. When she’s ready, she’ll be back with us on The Mom’s View.”