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Many members of Generation-Z are now at an age where entrepreneurship is becoming exciting to them but may have little idea where to start when launching a business. Thankfully, they have a range of peers they can follow and learn from online.

Caleb Boxx
Caleb Boxx Caleb Boxx

One of those peers is the Founder of Automate Channels, 22-year-old millionaire and Gen-Z thought leader Caleb Boxx. His business helps YouTube creators automate their channels and create the ever-more-popular faceless videos that allow them to create exponentially more content — and revenue — in less time.

Boxx stumbled across the skillset he and his team of 200 creatives teach organically. As a teen, he already ran his own YouTube channel but felt frustrated. He had so many video ideas but not enough time to shoot, write, produce, edit, and upload all of them. That's when he decided to hire freelancers to do some of the work for him, leaving him more time to dream up new video concepts and introduce his followers to even more cool content.

But Boxx had an entrepreneurial spirit even before this. The brilliant young man built websites at 11 years old and had paying clients at that young age. With an ever-developing skill set and ever-growing bankroll, he decided to leave school early and found Automate Channels. He quickly became a millionaire, a hero for passive income fans, and a public figure with more than 500k Instagram followers.

"It all comes down to skill set when it comes to finding success at an early age," he said.

Hone Your Skills

Boxx is often asked, in person and online, for his advice for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, and his answer is to keep learning about what you love and make your skills as strong, sharp, and up-to-date as possible.

The young entrepreneur keeps in touch with friends from his hometown, many of whom are now at their first post-college jobs, figuring out what they want to do, and living paycheck-to-paycheck. He's noticed that they often talk dreamily about what they want to do with their lives, and their dreams range from creating content and living the lives of digital nomads to becoming doctors and helping the world ease its pain.

No matter what their dreams, he says the same thing. "If you want to make good money, you have to develop your skill set," he said. "Start by figuring out what skill set few people have among your peers and work hard at becoming the best at it. By fine-tuning a super niche skill that no one else has, you'll gain work and the freedom to control your own life and future."

This is what he did with Automate Channels, and today he's living the life of his dreams.

Location Freedom

One of the glories of developing a skill set that makes you sought after is that it gives you freedom. When clients need your unique skills, they come to you, and location is no issue with the rise of Zoom, Facetime, and omnipresent wifi.

"It can be applied to almost any industry today," said Boxx. "From PR and marketing to mental health therapy, professional coaching, and far beyond, there are few jobs that you can't do remotely anymore. That's a huge win for Gen-Z, who really value their freedom."

Work on Your Own Schedule

Creating your own hours and placing value on the work you produce — not how many hours you toil behind a desk — is another important thing to Gen-Zers.

"They want more free time, and the only way they can get it is if you develop a skill set people need and will pay for," explained Boxx. "This is how and why they will work around your schedule, letting you work from wherever you want and at the hours when you are most productive."

Be an Apprentice

This bit of advice might surprise you from a seeming maverick like Boxx, but he suggests finding a mentor or becoming an apprentice.

Digging more deeply into Boxx's story, he didn't find his way to success completely alone. Toward the beginning of his journey, he was a student of MrBeast, a gaming YouTuber with 126 million subscribers, who is also an entrepreneur teaching other creators how to grow their channels.

"Try to find an apprenticeship. You have to get experience working under someone very successful in your space first. Then, after a year or two of learning how it works and getting low pay — you can branch out on your own," he said.

Boxx's wise words prove why he's become a respected figure in the YouTube, entrepreneurial, and passive income spaces. His advice will help the next wave of Gen-Z rising stars find their niches and develop their skills.

About Caleb Boxx and Automate Channels

Caleb Boxx is a founder of YouTube Automation, a business model that allows people to automate their YouTube channels creating passive income. Boxx has helped hundreds of content creators. To learn more about Caleb Boxx, please visit