YouTube and MySpace in Indonesia were blocked on Tuesday after the Indonesian government ordered Internet companies in the country to stop people from watching an anti-Islam film by a Dutch lawmaker.

The 15-minute film that was posted by an anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders, on March 27, has been widely available on blogs and file-sharing sites including YouTube and MySpace.

The main Internet service providers in Indonesia said in a statement that they had temporarily blocked several file sharing Web sites including, YouTube, MySpace, Google Video after an order from the government to block the sites last week claiming that Wilder's film would disrupt relations between the faiths.

YouTube has often been blocked in Asia with the latest being in February when access to the video site was blocked globally after Pakistan blocked it as it alleged that clips of Wilders film were having bad remarks about Islam.

YouTube faced the same fate last year after Thailand blocked it for four months saying it had clips that were offensive to its King but the ban was lifted after YouTube's owner, Google Inc., agreed to remove and not to post videos that break Thai laws or offend the Thai people.

Wilders' film has scenes of recent terror attacks with verses from Quran, Islam's holy book, including speeches from Islamic extremists calling for attacks on non-Muslims, but it has widely been condemned by many people as racist and misleading governments around the world.

Indonesia President, Susilo Mambang Yudyono also strongly condemned the film.