zac mia s2
Kian Lawley and Anne Winters return for “Zac & Mia” Season 2. AwesomenessTV

Teen drama “Zac & Mia” returns with Season 2 on Thursday, and star Anne Winters shared all the juicy details with International Business Times.

Based on A.J. Betts’ young adult novel of the same name, the story revolves around two cancer patients — Zac (Kian Lawley) and Mia (Winters) — as they meet and begin a relationship within the confines of a hospital. Season 1 of the show premiered in 2017 on the now-defunct streaming platform go90. Shortly before the season finale dropped, the series was renewed for a second season.

Though production has long since wrapped, Season 2’s release was delayed due to go90 shutting down last year. Luckily, the AwesomenessTV-made show hass found a new home with Hulu, and the new episodes will come out on Valentine’s Day.

To help hold you over during the final portion of your wait, here’s what Winters had to say to IBT about “Zac & Mia” Season 2:

“The second season is so good. It kind of picks up where Zac and Mia are already in a relationship, and then it kind of explores, basically, what it’s like for someone to be in recovery but also still isolated from friends and how cancer really does change your life forever.

“It’s not something [where] you can just jump back at school and be normal again. It really does change your life, so it’s kind of dealing with that. And, also, I’m dealing with not having a leg, which is very, very hard. So, it’s a lot of physical therapy, and there’s a physical therapist that I have a relationship with. And there’s just some new characters. It’s really fun.”

According to the synopsis, there’s even more for you to expect to see. “In season two, Zac is full of hope and excited to get his old life back - while Mia wrestles with hopelessness about her uncertain future and condition. As a couple, Zac and Mia are now forced to navigate their budding relationship out in the real world, unprotected and unsheltered by the walls of a hospital.”

The Season 2 cast also includes Keli Daniels (Jody), Kelsey Formost (Ashley), Markus Silbiger (Evan), Wyntergrace Williams and Amir Nick Ekbatani.

See what happens next in Zac and Mia’s love story when Season 2 comes out on Hulu on Thursday.