Zayn Malik announced his decision to quit One Direction fairly recently, but the thought of quitting the band has apparently been in his mind for quite awhile. The famous singer from the boy band wanted to go solo in 2014 and even recorded music with a London-based rap duo.


The 22-year-old recorded some solo music with rap duo Krept & Konan in 2014, and it was called “No Type.” The “Don't Waste My Time” rappers also filmed a music video with Malik but it was never unfinished. "We've done a little cover with [Malik] and we shot a video, but it just didn't end up coming out because it didn't get finished. After that we heard the news about [Malik quitting One Direction],” Krept & Konan told IBTimes UK in a recent interview.


However, they downplayed the whole collaboration by saying Malik was not very serious about it. “It was just a muck-around thing. It wasn't really too serious," added the duo. Rapper Krept, whose real name is Casyo Johnson, also added that they were just “chilling” and  “catching jokes” with Malik and Naughty Boy in the studio most of the time.


The duo also feels that Malik's video cover might get leaked someday on the Internet. "We were just messing around one day and made the cover. I have a feeling the video will just get leaked somehow." The duo is aware that Malik is very much in demand today because of his huge fan following and everyone is waiting for his next move.


“I feel like a lot of energy is around him right now because of the situation and a lot of people want to see what he's going to do next. He's got ammunition sitting there with Krept and Konan,"added Konan, whose real name is Karl Williams. The news of Malik's music video comes on the heels of various speculations that his recording label is preventing him from releasing any solo music for the next two years.