Amazon tried to jump on the zombie train by airing a pilot based off of the 2009 movie “Zombieland” … and it was dead on arrival. Attempting to follow in Netlix’s successful original programming footsteps, the Amazon Prime instant video service allowed any user to watch the “Zombieland” pilot for free. Unfortunately it failed to generate a fan base. But it did succeed in getting people to rally in hatred for it.

Rhett Reese, producer and co-writer for the Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson lead movie and the 2013 Amazon pilot, took to Twitter to share the bad (yet pretty hilarious) news.

“Our Zombieland series will not be moving forward on Amazon. Sad for everyone involved,” Reese tweeted on Thursday. “I’ll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from die-hard Zombieland fans. You guys successfully hated it out of existence. Anyway, we did our best, and we’re proud of our team.”

Results in the comments section on Amazon’s page were mixed. While some claimed that it had a lot of potential and they enjoyed watching the episode, others were very vocal in their dislikes:

Recreating The Characters

How can anyone compete with Woody Harrelson? While Kirk Ward tried his best as Tallahassee, viewers were disappointed that they would try to re-create the character from the movie. “I’d probably enjoyed a fresh new batch of characters rather than have other actors reprise the roles of A-list actors, which made the original great,” said one review.

Others agreed it was a “cheap knock off,” comparing the Amazon pilot to the fake Twinkies people must buy since Hostess went bankrupt.

Not Realistic

Why would a window washer still be washing windows during a zombie apocalypse? COME ON. Viewers understood that it was a comedy, but didn’t like how unrealistic it was.

Too Cheesy

The comedy was just too cheesy for some. “I felt like I was beaten over the head with ‘look this is funny, ha ha,’” said one reviewer. “There is nothing subtle here.”

Boring Deaths

Fans expect to see some gruesome deaths. “Zombieland” did show people getting killed, but barely anyone was actually eaten. Instead they had unfortunate accidents like falling or being pushed to their deaths.

The show may be dead, but Reese shouldn’t beat himself up too much. The pilot received five stars from more than 2,000 viewers -- which exceeds the one to three star votes combined!

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