“Zoo” Season 2 ended with a few shocking twists and not-so-few cliffhangers, laying the groundwork for the next season.

Fortunately, CBS has already confirmed “Zoo” Season 3 during the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Aug. 10, so there’s a good chance we’ll get to see a father-daughter reunion in the future, according to Entertainment Weekly. The network has yet to announce an official premiere date for “Zoo” Season 3, but the next installment is expected to air in the summer next year like the first two seasons, Bustle noted.

The “Zoo” Season 2 finale episode concluded our heroes’ search for a cure. Mitch (Billy Burke) and Jamie  (Kristen Connolly) attempted to steal General Davies’ (Peter Outerbridge) “clean” DNA, which he wanted to use to repopulate the animals. They were intercepted by Davies, but got some help from Logan (Josh Salatin) who managed to survive his fall from the jet after all. Logan and Jamie destroyed the DNA, while Sgt. Mansdale (Jason Cermak) took down Davies so the three can get back to Pangaea and reunite with their friends.

Meanwhile, in Pangaea, Robert Oz (Ken Olin) had taken Dariela (Alyssa Diaz), Abe (Nonso Anozie) and Jackson (James Wolk) to meet the scientists running the Shepherd facility, which has been working on a cure for the returned animal mutation for years. When Mitch and Co. reunite with the others in Pangaea, the former and Robert tried to figure out the cure but were unsuccessful in their first few tries. In the end, it took a transfusion from Robert to his son Jackson to generate the cure, but the former expectedly died during the process.

The cure was given to birds in order to spread it across the globe. However, just when they thought they were home free, Jamie realized that the Noah Objective had been launched after all. It turns out the scientists were actually complicit with the Noah Objective, which would kill all the animals and all humans with the ghost gene, including Mitch’s daughter Clementine (Madison Wolfe).

One of the biggest twists of the finale episode was Mitch sacrificing himself and staying behind to keep the fences powered up in order to hold off the Section K beasts until the others get to the jet. With Mitch’s sacrifice, the others managed to safely leave and bring the cure to Clementine and the other people affected. They found Clem at a Portland evacuation shelter, where they broke the news that her father had died. Meanwhile, Abe managed to calm the hysterical masses who thought the animals were still wild by befriending a puppy, convincing them that the animals had returned to normal.

The finale ended with a 10-year time jump, which saw Abe and Dariela’s son Isaac (Jesse Muhoozi) graduating from a grade school which will close its doors since there are no more students left. Meanwhile, Jamie is now an author, while Jackson is trying to figure out a solution to the hybrid animal problem. A grown Clementine (Gracie Dzienny) meets Abe outside of Isaac’s school and tells him that the hybrid attacks are becoming worse, before revealing that the only person who can solve this, her father, is alive. “And I know just where to find him,” she says.

Find out if Clementine, Abe and the others reunite with Mitch when “Zoo” Season 3 premieres in summer 2017 on CBS.