Put your farming tools aside and get ready for war because social gaming giant Zynga has introduced a combat game.

Zynga, creator of the internationally popular game Farmville, announced the creation of Empires & Allies. The company's first strategy combat game will be available this week in 12 separate languages. The game will integrate strategy from previous Zynga games into a story-driven combat crusade. Players will build an island-nation by arming themselves against enemy forces and preparing for battle.

During the course of the game, which sounds a lot like a 21st century version of Risk, players will create army units, recruit friends, and come across allies and villains as they fight into enemy territory. At the end, they will encounter the final villain.

Empires & Allies is strategy combat gone social - think CityVille meets Risk, Amer Ajami, executive producer of Empires & Allies at Zynga, said in a statement. We're focused on bringing our players a new form of entertainment and a strategy game is definitely a new playground for us. Play is in everyone's DNA, and this game lets you have fun and get creative by choosing your own destiny, building a nation and eventually, conquering the world.

Features of the game include building an empire, mobilizing your troops, fighting with friends, guided play and neighboring empires. The last section allows users to visit their friends and help them out, while gaining more Honor points. It's very similar to how Farmville and other Zynga games work.

The game will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Malay, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Norwegian.

The gaming company has become one of the more popular social media type companies in the tech world. It recently revealed its revenue of $1.8 billion in hopes of raising $500 million. If the company can do that, it would go public, and its projected value would be about $10 billion. This would likely give it an even higher IPO than LinkedIn, which debuted with a valuation of more than $4 billion.

With the introduction of Empires & Allies, Zynga is likely looking to regain the spark it had when Farmville was at its peak. According to AppData, the amount of Farmville users has been lopped off in half from 80 million in March 2010 to 44 million earlier this year.

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