"The Walking Dead"
Unlike the Nielsen ratings, there is no single comprehensive way to track which BitTorrent files are most searched for and downloaded. Even so, data assembled by TorrentFreak found that the most-sought television show was AMC's “The Walking Dead.”

With a few weeks remaining until the season three premiere of "The Walking Dead," AMC has released a brand new teaser video to curb fans hunger.

The new video comes a week after the official poster for season three was released. Like the poster, the latest teaser video highlights the 'Ricktatorship' and the new season three motto, "Fight the dead. Fear the living."

"I know we're all exhausted but we gotta push just a little bit more," Rick tells the group. So, what exactly does pushing on "just a little bit more" include? Taking on a walker infested prison of course!

"We have to go in there," he informs his group of survivors as inmate walkers hungrily claw against the fence.

Rick of course isn't just thinking about the safety of the group anymore..but the safety of the child that Lori is carrying.

"Do whatever you got to do to keep this crib safe," Rick's wife, who may be pregnant with deceased Shane's baby, tells him.

The new video shows Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie busting into the prison and quickly taking down each walker that comes their way. But as the poster mentioned, it's not the dead they have to fear, but the living. Stressing that again in the video, fans get another look at newcomers Michonne and The Governor.

Still in the woods with Andrea, Michonne warns her that someone is coming...unfortunately it's too late because Andrea looks up to see a gun pointing at her. Presumably knocked out, Andrea wakes up with Michonne inside the town of Woodbury.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday, Oct. 14.

Watch the 30 second teaser for the new season below.