A 1-month-old baby was reportedly eaten alive by a pig inside the child's home in Rakai district in Uganda.

The horrific incident took place Saturday in a village named Kateera. The child's mother had left the baby inside the house and gone to her banana plantation for some greens to prepare breakfast when the pig entered the house, local media Daily Monitor reported. The victim's mother has been identified as Peace Tukwasibwe aka “Mukyala Jose.”

Abraham Muhangi, a resident in the village, told Daily Monitor they never imagined such an incident could take place. The animal reportedly entered through the back door of the house and attacked the baby, who was sleeping on the mattress in the house. Muhangi said the pig managed to eat the baby’s head, arms and stomach before resting on the infant’s mattress.

Benedict Kyeyune, a family friend, told local media Kaaro Karungi said the mother found the pig on the bloodied mattress when she went to the room to breastfeed the baby. She raised an alarm, following which neighbors rushed to the scene. Kyeyune said the child's father was not around at the time of the incident.

The villagers caught the pig and lynched it to death. They later cut its stomach open and found fingers and some parts of the baby's body.

Kateera village Chairperson Charles Mwanje advised residents to be cautious with children following the incident.

Earlier this year in South Africa, a 91-year-old grandmother was allegedly mauled to death by a pig. “It is reported that the deceased was found showing signs of decomposition on the afternoon of 7 January 2021. It is reported that there were no animals around her when she was found. However, there were ‘scavenger marks’ observed by the community members, that indicated that animals might have fed on the deceased,” a spokesperson for the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Ayongezwa Lungisa told News24 at the time. “On 8 January 2021, the department became aware of the death of a person alleged to [have been] bitten by a pig in Tsomo.”

Representation. Pixabay