A 1-year-old child died in India after choking on a piece of coconut, given to him by his parents.

The incident took place Sunday morning in the southern state of Telangana. According to India Today, a religious ceremony was being performed at the child's house on the day of the incident. The boy was also part of the ceremony, and his had parents reportedly given him a piece of coconut to play with.

Suddenly, the parents heard the child crying. When they checked what had happened to him, they found he was facing difficulty in breathing. They immediately rushed him to a hospital for treatment. However, the child died on the way to the hospital.

According to the police, the boy died due to suffocation caused by the piece of coconut. The size of the coconut piece was not known.

The victim has been identified by his first name Manikanta. The deceased child's parents have been identified as Badawat Malu and Kavitha.

It remains unclear if any investigation will be carried out into the incident, 10TV Telugu reported [Google Translate showed].

Such incidents can occur at any time as infants and toddlers often have a tendency to put everything in their mouths. This is the reason why parents need to keep a close eye on children when handing them any item that is a choking hazard.

Last month in the same state, a 9-year-old child died by choking on a piece of chocolate, while in school. The victim has been identified by the local media as Sandeep Singh. The boy was rushed to MGM Hospital after the chocolate got stuck in his throat. "The victim's father brought chocolates from Australia. The boy was habituated to carrying chocolates to school. Similarly, on Saturday at around 10 am the boy was eating the chocolate and was choked," the police said at the time. Singh was eating the chocolate when he became unconscious and suddenly fell down in the class. The child was rushed to a hospital, but died on the way as he was unable to breathe. It remains unclear who was present at the time when the boy choked on the chocolate.

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