At the height of the pandemic, lockdowns have been put in place to hopefully lessen the spread of the virus. Staying indoors have led to the rise in the use of video conferencing and live-streaming apps. For those who have been spending time at home, many have relied on such apps to help them have some real-life interactions, which continues to be quite a challenge. Aside from enabling people to communicate, many have also used live-streaming apps to make a living and create content. Live-streaming apps are now incredibly popular especially in the world of gaming as viewers enjoy living vicariously through streamers' gaming experience. 

As streaming becomes more than just a trend, the best live streaming platforms are seen to get more popular this year. If you want to become a streamer, make sure that you only use the best live streaming services for 2022. Here's a list of some of the best streaming services for 2022.

1. Melon

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Stream right from any device without downloading risky software or adding bulky hardware. With Melon, you can create high-quality video streams and launch them through this web-based platform. It is simple to use and extremely helpful as it also provides resources. Stay on-brand through customization tools and elements that you can drag and resize including backgrounds, lower thirds, images, overlays, themes, green screen options and more. Add intros and outros as well as stream in crystal clear 1080p.

2. Bamboo Cloud

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Bamboo Cloud provides you with a video streaming site where you can host and launch your videos in high quality. Apart from live video streams, you can post other video content may it be online courses or for entertainment purposes. This intuitive platform lets you personalize all aspects of your video player from physical elements to features. Add your branding to your video content with customizable colors, watermarks and logo. You can also play pre-roll videos, including sponsors and launch numerous video players depending on what you need. 

3. Flutin

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Livestream through multiple channels from social media such as Facebook and Instagram to video streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube with Flutin. Launch and host your streams as well as schedule them with Flutin’s built-in event scheduler so you can inform your audience in advance through a shareable link. Flutin allows you to try out your streams on a variety of platforms to see where your content is picked up and engaged with the most by your audience. 

4. Archy Learning

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Archy Learning is an all-in-one e-learning tool that lets you create content for online courses. You can create customized games, quizzes and exams for a more immersive experience. No coding is required so it’s easy to use, simple to understand and accessible globally. Create a revenue stream or a database of resources with Archy Learning so you can fix, build and set up everything you need for e-learning and streaming. 

5. BerryCast

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Let your audience feel as if you’re really there with BerryCast. The app lets you record your screen, device, camera and internal and external audio simultaneously to take your presentations and streaming to the next level with just a few clicks. With BerryCast, you can combine all the elements of recording,  create detailed explanations and break down complex concepts for your target audience. Avoid miscommunication and get your point across. 

6. Pixiko

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Creating and editing videos is a lot easier with Pixiko. Using your mobile or web browser, you can make and customize videos from scratch or use one of the many templates for videos with only a few clicks. Use a variety of video editing tools including those for motion, transition, effects, filters, animation for text, images and shapes. Increase or decrease your video’s speed, loop, trim, split, reverse your video and reorder elements on visual timelines. 

7. TimeBolt

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Engage your audience better with a well-edited video. Cut dead air and extra-long commentary that can be a turn off to your audience. TimeBolt is a video editor that’s a local desktop app so you don’t wait for your big files to load. With one key, you can cut retakes, words and scenes as well as preview video and audio up to 4x the speed. Apply transitions and edit elements with simple clicks. 

8. FlexClip

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FlexClip has powerful editing tools that let you maximize the appearance, background music and much more for your videos and streams. FlexClip has a simple and uncluttered storyboard and a wide variety of stock images, videos, royalty-free music, templates, support for various formats, editing tools and exportability. 

9. Appsumo Photo:

Get noticed online, drive traffic to your site and increase conversion. lets you create beautiful and eye-catching video content that will easily engage your target audience. Create videos with a simple-to-use interface that lets you edit scene by scene. also has numerous templates that you can use to customize your videos and streams.

10. ScreenToVideo

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Record your screen and edit your videos seamlessly through one powerful tool -- ScreenToVideo. An intuitive yet simple interface lets you create a video from scratch in just minutes. The built-in screen recorder can capture a specific area up to an entire screen plus the option to record your webcam and voice. Edit your video afterwards with different features and customizable elements.