Halloween Pixabay

Halloween is just around the corner, but with COVID-19 still around, you and your family must take enough precautions if you want to go visiting family or meeting friends for a Halloween party.

Though Halloween costumes are still what this festival is all about, the extraordinary environment we are living in has made it necessary that we innovate to stay safe and fully celebrate Halloween.

Therefore, if you are planning to go out trick-or-treating this year, if you are invited to a Halloween party or if you wish to visit friends and family this Halloween, here are some amazingly ghoulish face masks from Zazzle you must wear with your Halloween costume. Make sure you do not go out without them.

1. Fall Pumpkin Harvest face mask

Pumpkin face mask
Zazzle's Pumpkin face mask Zazzle

This face mask comes with an elegant print of a pumpkin harvest perfect for Halloween. Wear it with a witch’s costume or go as a pilgrim with this mask, and you will be among the safer citizens this year. The polyester mask is will keep germs away, and it is 100% machine washable.

2. Sugar Skull face mask

Skull costume
Skull face mask from Zazzle. Zazzle.com

If you love skulls this mask is perfect for you! It is very comfortable and sits perfectly under your chin. It fits on your ears neatly, too. It also has a pocket for disposable mask layers within. It is the perfect safety measure for this Halloween.

3. Monster Mouth Funny face mask

Monster Mouth Fun Horror Halloween Funny Face Adult Cloth Face Mask
Zazzle's Monster Mouth Face Mask Zazzle

Get swinging to the Monster Mash with this beautiful face mask with which you can cover your mouth and nose in the funniest way imaginable. Wear this mask and you will always have a maniacal grin on your face that will spook your friends for sure. It will be an eye-catcher on the train, when shopping or meeting family too.

4. Witch Way Halloween Art face mask

Witch face mask
Get this Witch-inspired face mask from Zazzle. Zazzle.com

This face mask has an illustration guaranteed to bewitch your friends into complimenting you on your great choice. The mask comes in vibrant colors and has some excellent artwork drawn on a soft fabric. It is one of the most comfortable masks you will ever buy.

5. Grinning Skull face mask

Skull face mask
Get this skull-inspired face mask from Zazzle. Zazzle.com

A skull with a devilish grin decorates this mask and welcomes anyone you meet as well. It comes with comfy elastic on the ear straps that are nice and stretchy to fit perfectly so it does not fall off while you are outdoors. This design is perfect for a hell’s angel or punk rocker look.

6. Zombie Clown face mask

Zombie Clown Adult Cloth Face Mask
Zazzle's Zombie Clown Adult Cloth Face Mask Zazzle

Get your friends to scream “watch out for that clown!” as you wear this beautifully designed face mask this Halloween. You will thank the makers of this mask for giving you something so ghoulish and scary to wear that will also keep you safe. It has some gorgeous colors that make it look really scary and perfect for Halloween.

7. Halloween Witch Party face mask

witch-inspired face mask
Get this witch-inspired mask from Zazzle. Zazzle.com

Buy this face mask for yourself or your daughter who loves all things about witches and magic. Get it for everyone in your family and you can even start a coven. You will absolutely love this mask for its fit and softness. You can even wear this for the Halloween party at your office.

8. Vampire Fangs face mask

Vampire fangs Stylish face mask
Zazzle's 8. Vampire fangs Stylish face mask Zazzle

This mask looks cute and scary, making it the right mask for wearing outdoors this Halloween if you are a fan of vampires. It has a pair of ghoulish Dracula fangs that will scare anyone you meet. You can also give this mask as a gift to your family or friends for the festival, so they are safe, too.

9. Dracula face mask

Dracula face mask
Get this Dracula-inspired mask from Zazzle. Zazzle.com

This mask comes with a scary vampire face with fangs. The mask is reversible, so it’s like getting two masks in one. Overall, it is a great mask for your Halloween party.

10. Cool Heavy Metal Zombie Face Mask

Cool Heavy Metal Zombie Face Mask
Zazzle's Cool Heavy Metal Zombie Face Mask Zazzle

With this mask, you can rock your social distancing as you flaunt the heavy metal zombie theme. You can wear it as a biker, a rockstar, or as a ghoul to scare the heck out of friends too. The design has a creepy skin, scary teeth and a menacing sneer that makes it perfect for the most ghoulish occasions.