New Year's resolutions are often a good way to get a head start on having a good year. They are often a testament to determination and will.

A stumbling block, however, is when choosing the same typical resolutions and not actually achieving them.

Sometimes people need an encouraging boost to commit to resolutions. That boost often involves taking on resolutions that aren't too burdensome.

Here is a list of practical and reasonable resolutions you can actually get behind to make a difference in your life.

1) Join A Club

You can join a club for books, film, cooking, religion, or any hobby to meet new people and become more educated.

2) Go To Sleep Earlier, Wake Up Earlier

Maybe eating healthier is too hard, but you can commit to a healthier sleep routine. This move simply involves an hour commitment for bedtime and an alarm clock.

3) Making Use Of PTO And Vacation Time

Your job gives you PTO and vacation for a reason, don't let it go to waste this year.

4) Take Better Pictures And Videos

Photography and videography are all the hype these days. Documenting things can be very rewarding.

5) Read A Book

Put the cellphone down and read a novel in 2023. Being a bookworm can be fun. Consider starting with a novella.

6) Take Time To Forgive

There is no reason to hold grudges. It can be liberating to let things go.

7) Stop Overthinking

Overthinking can cause a lot of unwanted stress. It often means a person is living in the future.

8) Start A Small Business

Get motivated and put that business idea into action. Start writing that business plan and run the idea by those who can help move it forward.

9) Be Mindful

Being mindful and present in the moment can help a person live a more fulfilling life.

10) Drink Less Alcohol

Reducing alcohol intake can help with weight loss, mental fog and exhaustion. It also can improve sleep.