Kacy Catanzaro
Kacy Catanzaro on "American Ninja Warrior." NBC

On July 14, Kacy Catanzaro became the first female finalist in "American Ninja Warrior" by completing the obstacle course in eight minutes and 59 seconds.

How did she do it?

1) Training for the show took two years

Catanzaro worked out with her boyfriend four to six days every week, focusing on weights and circuits and practicing obstacle courses in the evenings.

2) She indulges in chicken nachos

In preparation for the show, Catanzaro cut out all processed foods, grains and gluten and instead focused on whole foods such as green vegetables, fruits and nuts and lean protein. But she allowed herself the occasional nacho treat.

3) She talks to herself

Before competing, Catanzaro told USA Today that she often has to reassure herself by repeating "you can do this" under her breath.

4) She's a former NCAA gymnast

When she was a student at Towson University in Maryland, Catanzaro was named Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year by the National Collegiate Athletics Association.

5) Longtime boyfriend Brett Steffensen is a four time ANW competitor

He has been a stunt man for five years and currently works on The CW's comic-inspired series "Arrow."

6) Her dream is to become a television stunt woman

Cantazaro told Entertainment Weekly that she would love to do stunts for a "cool video game or action show," or even for a television show like her boyfriend but added that "it’s so hard to get into, people are in Hollywood for 10 years and they never get a break in stunts."

7) She’s only 24

Catanzaro began doing gymnastics at age 5 and weighs just under 100 pounds. Men twice her size have failed to complete the ANW course.

8) She listens to Miley Cyrus when she works out

Backstreet Boys, R. Kelly and other 1990s acts also feature on Catanzaro's workout playlist, she told TODAY.

9) She has a day job

Catanzaro has worked for obstacle course gym Alpha Warrior in San Antonio since February 2013.

10) She’s only 5 feet tall

Not unusual for a gymnast, but her height and short armspan put Catanzaro at a significant disadvantage when it came to overcoming certain obstacles on the ANW course, making her triumph even more impressive.