Holiday shopping can be tricky, but with this list, it doesn't have to be. Instead of thinking about what each person you're shopping for wants this holiday season, select one of these 10 unique gift ideas that everyone is sure to love.

Connex Frequent Flyer Hardside ($299)-- A quality suitcase is a gift no one would scoff at. Victorinox offers this spacious, multi-functional, innovative luggage that was crafted with the frequent traveler in mind. What sets it apart from other suitcases is its 4cm expandable capacity, USB port, and multi-tool which includes a SIM card replacement tool, ID tag, and pen. This piece is available in six colors from a sleek Black to rich colors such as Brick and Deep Lake.

everyone gifts 2
Connex Frequent Flyer Hardside Carry-On in Brick. Victorinox

BetterAir Purifier ($299)-- BetterAir’s Biotica800 is a natural way to purifier indoor air and surfaces. The product, which is safe for humans, plants, and pets, treats areas up to 800 square feet. The sleek 10” x 5” device is small enough not to draw the eye (not to mention quiet) but powerful enough to combat allergens and pathogens.

Pictured is BetterAir’s Biotica800 air purifier. Betterair

T|W Lunch Tote ($49.99)-- A bagged lunch has never been so stylish. T|W’s two-compartment Lunch Tote in Mero Black is made with hand-sewn, vegan leather. Insulated, water-repellent sections make it capable to transport both hold and cold items. And you won’t need to worry about durability with this tote-- this bag is touted as “durable to hold a full day’s worth of meals.”

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T|W Lunch Tote is pictured in Mero Black and Guinep designs. T|W

Legacybox ($59.99 and up)-- Make your family’s priceless memories something they can hold onto forever with help from Legacybox. This service allows customers to choose between different kits to digitize their home movies and photos into watchable DVDs and shareable thumb drives. The process is as simple as loading up a Legacybox with your desired items and shipping them off in the provided prepaid box. Original copies are always returned alongside new digital keepsakes.

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Legacybox has made it simple for customers to preserve their old media with their favorite memories. Legacybox

Made In Universal Lid ($49)-- Anyone that regularly steps foot in a kitchen will appreciate this innovative gift. Long gone are the days of searching for the right top for your cookware. Made In has crafted a silicone Universal Lid with a stainless steel interior that works with all of Made In’s stockpots, sauce, saucier, and saute pans. The lid is safe up to 400 degrees and makes for easy cleanup as its dishwasher safe.

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Made In's Silicone Universal Lid in red. Made In

Monsoon Sneakers ($99.50)-- Tropicfeel’s Monsoon sneakers are not just great for the environment, they’re also a treat for your feet. These sustainable vegan shoes, which are crafted from recycled bottles, feature quick-dry technology which makes them perfect for any environment. These breathable, lightweight shoes are also odorless, containing an Agion treatment that lasts for the whole life of the shoe's life. Not to mention, putting these shoes on is a breeze with its sprint laces and an elastic counter heel. This product is available in various sizes and colors.

everyone gifts 7
Tropicfeel's Monsoon sneaker in Opal Blue. Tropicfeel

Write To Me | Recipes Passed Down Journal ($44.95)-- Put your family’s treasured recipes in a book designed to be passed down for generations. Write To Me’s journal includes space for 94 recipes including spots for information about who it originates from, tips and advice, as well as its ingredients and preparation method. The contents of the book are not the only star of the show, however. The hardcover book’s linen cover, embossed title and spine and paper stock pages add to its overall appeal.

everyone gifts 6
Write To Me's Recipes Passed Down book in Wine. Write To Me

Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife ($45)-- Victorinox sells more than just Swiss Army knives. The company has a collection of cooking knives that any chef would love to add to their kitchen. The star of the show is there 8” extra-wide blade Chef’s Knife that is ideal for carving meat. Its design includes a non-slip, ergonomic handle. Not only does the knife cut in a straight line, but its also designed to not need frequent sharpening.

everyone gifts 3
Fibrox Pro 8'' Chef’s Knife in Black. Victorinox

Natural Fragrance Rose ($19.99)-- This is a flower delivery no one will forget. Natural Fragrance Rose grows varieties of classic flowers that are made to last for months, much unlike the lifespan of a traditional cut flower. These singular roses come complete in a presentation-ready case and are completely care-free as they are able to live without light and water (they survive from moisture in the air). From English Rose to Arabic Greens, there is a scent for everyone.

everyone gifts 4
Natural Fragrance Rose's Elizabeth in Exotic, Tiaf Rose. Natural Fragrance Rose

Headleveler Pillow ($90.95 and up)-- Imagine getting a pillow that is perfectly tailored to your sleep style. Headleveler has made that a possibility. Using the brand’s preferences quiz, costumers can get a customized two-sided, hypo-allergenic, and machine washable pillow designed to match up perfectly with their sex, height, weight, and sleep style.

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Headleveler pillows are customized to each user based on size and sleep position. Headleveler