Pot And Psychosis
 Dutch researchers have found a link between pot use and psychosis among teenagers. They also found that the link may run in the another direction: that there is a link between teenagers with psychotic symptoms and later marijuana use. Wikipedia

A 10-year-old girl wasn’t spared from the law when she was arrested at her Colorado school for marijuana possession.

The 10-year-old girl, a student at Evans Elementary School in El Paso, Colo., was taken out of the school in handcuffs under a zero tolerance policy employed by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, KKTV Colorado Springs reported.

The girl said she got the marijuana from a relative who possesses a medical marijuana card, the station reported.

Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado, and residents voted to legalize marijuana for all uses in a referendum this month.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said its policy is to handcuff anyone they arrest, regardless of age, KKTV reported.

Colorado also has laws that determine a 10-year-old can be “mentally culpable” of a crime.

"When you look at it legally from the legal standpoint, once the child hits the age of 10, then in the state of Colorado they have reached the age of mental culpability or committing a crime and being charged with a crime," Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office told FOX 21 Colorado Springs.

The girl is facing a charge of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, which is considered a petty offense, the television station reported. She is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 12.

The marijuana arrest of the 10-year-old girl has shocked parents of students who attend Evans Elementary School.

"It really makes me feel insecure about my daughter being here, and I don't like it at all," Carlos Figueroa told FOX 21Colorado Springs.

Isabel Sanchez said she was annoyed that the school only notified the parents of the girl about the marijuana arrest.

"My son does go to school here so it would have been important for the parents to know what was going on," Sanchez said.