A 10-year-old girl in India was stripped naked at gunpoint and thrashed brutally with a bamboo stick by her father.

The minor girl lived in the eastern state of Assam with her parents. The assault was caught on camera and the video went viral Tuesday, local media reports said. In the video, the girl's mother is seen trying to rescue her child while she is being attacked by her father.

A neighbor alerted the police to the assault, following which the accused was arrested, India Today reported.

“We have registered a case against him...," Ditumoni Goswami, a local police officer, the Hindustan Times. Goswami said the father assaulted the girl as he suspected her of stealing some valuables.

“The man himself is involved in various illegal activities and in the video, we have seen he is showing a gun. However, we are yet to find the gun. After initial interrogation, we are going to produce the man before the court," Goswami said.

An eyewitness told India Today the father "has many criminal records." Authorities told local media a formal complaint was filed against the person who uploaded the video on social media.

“The person who uploaded the video could have simply shared it with the police and action would have been taken against the father. But by sharing it on social media, the person has committed a crime. The video was uploaded multiple times by multiple account holders. We are trying to get the primary source. Action will be taken against those people who shared it," Goswami told the Hindustan Times.

Police superintendent Bhanwar Meena reportedly said they have spoken to the victim's mother, and are trying to support them. “We are also concerned about the mental trauma that the minor girl has gone through," Meena said. The minor girl has been sent to a local hospital for medical examination.

Authorities are investigating the incident and charges against the accused are yet to be made public.

The victim and the accused in the case have not been identified. It was unclear on which social media platform the video was uploaded.

Representational image Photo by Pixabay (CC0)